This is an outstanding game in its type - the world’s first online rhythm shooter. Two different game genres have been combined in one game, resulting in a vibrant gameplay where music sets the rules. It’s an exciting shooter, really enjoyable to play alone or with your friends and practicing your sense of rhythm.

The DNA of the game is rhythm

  • Damage can only be dealt in game markers that depend on the track

Fight in PvP mode

  • Create or join the play session and show what you can do in battles against other players

Set records in PvE mode

  • Play solo or with friends, trying to shoot maximum points on targets

Unique abilities and weapons

  • Choose a combination of abilities and weapons to suit your style of play

A variety of music

  • Choose songs with different genres, create your own playlist for the game
  • Tracks of varying difficulty will allow to play both beginners and fans of rhythm games
  • Import your tracks and customize music marker maps



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